If I Were President — Letter from my Son
Sara Goldrick-Rab

My dear friend, who have known my son since he was born, wrote this in response to him. I post it here for posterity.

“Thanks for letting your mom share your letter with me. You know, I have known you since you were first born. I’ve gotten to watch you learn and grow and become the incredible guy that you are now. I’ve seen you be funny, and kind, and curious, and super-smart. But this letter….this letter kind of blows me away. You know, its really rare for people to be able to look beyond the people and the places that they know best. What you do in this letter is is describe why a good leader should always be thinking most about those people whose lives have been different and harder than theirs. From my perspective, the marks of the greatest leaders are empathy, compassion, and a fiery sense of justice. That’s what you talk about in your letter, and its a global vision, not just one for your community or your country. We would all be incredibly lucky if you were president.”