Do you ever hear yourself saying “yes” before you realize what you’re doing? Do you have trouble saying “no” to things you don’t have time for, or want to do?

We need to all be kind, decent and empathic to our fellow beings. But a steady diet of always putting other’s needs before yours is no good either; you’ll miss out on your own life. I have a friend who saw crossing the street then took them food shopping — when they didn’t even want to. I’ve struggled with doing too much for others and neglecting my own life as…

Strangely, this is not Redcloud, but another orange tabby who had trained bar staff.

It was minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit that Chicago winter. Exposed flesh froze in seconds and no one went anywhere.

Between the weather and my long hours at work, I had no social life. I was living in Rogers Park, with it’s neat streets of 1920s and newer apartment buildings, and Lake Michigan a block away. The street south of mine had stores, restaurants, take-outs and an ‘El’ (Elevated train) stop. Even my cat at the time, a fluffy white job called Velcro, decided my life was too boring for her. …

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Hi Folks, The Mind Manual will be a collection about our brains and minds and how to get the most out of our lives through a better understanding of how we operate as a species.

As stories on new Publications can not earn money — cannot be monetized yet through Medium, I will post most of my articles individually.

Medium explained that they are in the process of working with a small group of beta publications on the Partner Program. They are currently assessing the tools and needs necessary to expand to a larger pool of publication. …

It can seem impossible to stop worrying. It can feel like the worry grabs your attention against your will and won’t let go. It can wake you up in the middle of the night, and then you worry that you’re not sleeping. It can be an endless, self-consuming loop that hijacks your mind from any other thinking, taking you out of the here and now, further strengthening these circuits — the ones you don’t want strengthened. Whether it’s regretting something you’ve said, fretting about a relationship or a job, we’ve all been there.

There are three reasons we are vulnerable…

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