Alittle about me.

My name is Sara. I am from Ohio, I just turned 21 in April. In my writing I will be talking about my life, goals in fitness and what I do to achieve them including workouts and food. I went to school to become a dental assisitant. After I graduated I went to college for nursing and ended up back with dental. The plan is to become a registred dental hygentist in the next few years. I decided to get into fitness my senior year of high school. It was a great experience. A year ago I stopped working out. Gained about 35lbs in the last year. My goal is to lose 50 and some in the next few months. I have set macros for my diet. It will last about 4 weeks and then I’ll change it up depending on how well it’s working or not. Thank you in advance for reading. Please feel free to comment on anything.