Let me ask you a question.

If you were making a website, would you choose a framework or template before knowing what the website was for?

My guess is, you would never design a site or an app without understanding the goals first. …

Let’s say we are trying to optimize a process our internal sales team uses. This mysterious and legendary process has oodles of steps we aren’t sure are necessary, legacy systems that have been human-centipeded together, and a sales team that has been using it for years.

If you simply asked these customers what they wanted, what do you think would happen?

Their current process is…

I have regretted my choice of fine art degree at times for obvious economic reasons, but I’ve never regretting the experience of writing art criticism and analysis and undergoing weekly critiques. Yes we received feedback, but we also received criticism. At times, it was emotionally draining and there were days…

Don’t get burned!

Are you a young Product Designer or UX designer considering joining a start up as a the first design hire? Have you heard horror stories about working with startups? Are you wondering how to decrease your chances of getting burned, but not sure where to start?

Startups can be a…

Sarah Arnegard

Customer Research and Product Design

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