A Goal To Improve My English Vocabulary and Confidence #JustStart Project

“Don’t mourn over your bad decisions. Just start overcoming them with good ones.” Joyce Meyer.

From a long time i just wanted to improve my English . A lot of times i thought that my confidence level will improve if i could memorize more English words efficiently. One year back, i started to learn but this process will go for one- two days just and than full stop emerged there. I couldn’t manage time sometimes and other self fear issues pass by.But the urge of learning it never ended , time by time i feel so many things about it. In fact, while reading this , you will easily came to know about my poor grip on that side.

If i am good in English than i can easily achieve success in some of my goals like my confidence level will improve, my communication skill (both verbal and written) will enhance, easy to understand readings and this will also help in future jobs, practical life etc. Concept of #juststart motivate me, inspire me and build willpower to go for it.

So i decided to just start. For this i made a plan on which i had to work hard. I started memorizing 4–5 English words daily with meanings . Make their sentences. Started watching videos tutorials for it. Reading Books, News Papers.

Next plan is to develop continuity in my nature to do any sort of work. Make myself determined for it. Start writing in English. i will try to speak in English where ever possible for me.Writing blogs. I will do all efforts and one day achieve my goal . In Sha Allah.

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