Abdul Sattar Edhi — Man of Actions Not Words

Abdul Sattar Edhi (1928–2016). Humanitarian to the Nation. Co founder of Edhi Foundation which had a world’s largest ambulance network , provide shelter to homeless people, rehab centers and orphanages across Pakistan. “Nobel Peace Prize” , “ Gandhi Peace Award” and “UNESCO- Madanjeet Singh Prize” holder. This is the total information i had till last year. May be some of it increases after his death. But last week bring some changes in my life,open my mind and first time i came to know the answer of Who was actual Abdul Sattar Edhi and what he does? When i saw the epic video on his life in which some of his life shared with us i actually started crying inside and it was really difficult for me to hide my emerging tears from other fellows. It develops curiosity in my heart to learn more about him and after short time my that curiosity finds a way. My amazing teachers of Amal Career Prep Fellowship gave me an autobiography of this great man “A Mirror to The Blind” narrated by Tehmina Durrani which really proven as mirror to me !
It is the saddened truth, we live in a world now where no one bothers that what’s happening around us. No one cares about others and we are moving constantly with selfishness , pride and dishonesty in this competitive world. But we all know what the situation will be, there will always some legends exist. Abdul Sattar Edhi was one of them like an angle.
“ The strength of words lies in implementation, other wise they are meaningless” father of Abdul Sattar Edhi thought him that lesson and he explained him why as well nicely “ Too many dialogues scatter and waste , say a little so that your words are remembered”. That lines of Edhi sb inspired me deeply and convince me to think about it. His friends called him Sheikh chilli sometimes. While i was sitting alone i thought about it deeply “What i am doing in my life?” There are lot of times in our lives we promise to our love ones and people that “ i will do that” and than forget . We make many plans but sometimes we never acted upon them, we even don’t try even to be done. We all know very well that our Creator Allah Almighty created us for a reason. But very few people think about the reasons actually , if they think then they don’t do any struggle to act. “Empty words and long praises do not impress Him. Show Him your faith by deeds, otherwise why should He believe you?” His mother said to him.
There are a lot of examples from my life which relates to some sayings of him, but here i will focus on one that relates to action. There are many times in my life i used to say that i will do this this and this and in this way even…but do nothing .Just sheikh chilli like thoughts. In real life, actions need hard work . unfortunately our new generation had lack of hard work.We prefer short cuts upon hard work. When you say big things but show no results you have to face embarrassment than , and i faced it many times. When i say i will full fill my father’s dreams but i couldn't and etc. Later i realize one thing the feeling of guilty after such failures not allow you to live happily, with satisfaction and success but this lead towards more failure. So to avoid the failures further it is necessary to act first!!
In my later life , i will try my best to improve my self. Should speak less and do more. Can i say i more thing? There are lot of lines from this autobiography pinched my heart and wake me up. His quality of giving others, caring, his words “I can begin small, but why should i think small” and many open my ways of thinking. When we start doing things the concept of khudi will become easy to understand. This man will never die in hearts of people.
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