Project: Reaching Out to Friends

“In most cases, strengths and weaknesses are two sides of the same coin. A strength is one situation is a weakness in another. Yet often the person can’t switch gears. Its very subtle thing to talk about strengths and weaknesses because almost always they are the same thing.” Steve Jobs.

To know about your strengths and weaknesses its the best way to reach out your friends or family, because they know you well as you are. So for this purpose i sent some messages to my friends and ask them what they know about me and share any experiences.Some of them don’t give me any response but i received 6–7 responses.I was surprised after receiving their reply’s. I actually find out my strengths as well as my weaknesses.So, here i will share their response with you :

  1. Misbah my roommate and friend replied: “you are well aware of your strengths and friends strength. you can find good qualities of people and than tell that for keep it good. you can see positive points in friends, thats why your nature is good”.
  2. Rabeeha my junior told me that “you are active and energetic. you enhance other’s positive strengths by your humble and cherish nature. you never let your anger spoil your quality time. All with this she also tell me about my weakness by sharing one experience. “Api you went for a party where you participated in eating raw green chilies competition. you secured second position just because you ate half green chili less as compared to the winner. but you remain senti over that for a long time”.
  3. Huma one of my university best friends reply: “your bad habit is that you are a moody person. sometimes even after trying your best you can’t control your emotions. And you also have a number of good qualities like you always encourage us whenever we need you. and one thing good about you is you always try your best that your bad mood don’t impact others but unfortunately most of the time your all efforts are in vain. you are soft and kind heart person as well as you are emotional. people can easily trap you. you are bit immature”.
  4. Shamim one of my good friends and roommate reply me : “Sarah you are very energetic, ambitious and competitive person. When we were travelling to Mushkpuri trek. your aim was to reach at the top firstly. The first time journey will always very tough but you did it. you can do anything you want….. you are caring and sincere person. you always take care of me whenever i get ill in hostel. You cooked food for not only me but for all our care every person. you were very supportive when i was affraid of going alone Islamabad you convinced me nothing will happen you should go and now i realize that was wonderful experience. there are many more examples of your good behavior but i can’t explain all. the only bad habit you have you trust people and get attached with them in no time and after that you suffer. you should take care of it”.
  5. Anam one of my class fellow said that: “i think you are very confident and brave girl. i remember the time when you went for hiking the trek all alone. you are very caring recently you gave me medicine and brought lemonade for me when i got sick. i hope you keep up the same of luck for your future”.
  6. Zarwa one of my university best friends reply this: “you are helpful person to me. Like you helped me out at stat’s mid exam before its starting time”.
  7. Samia my best est friend ever, class fellow, hostel fellow said this: “The most appreciable thing about you is your determination for the world tour. the only thing about which you are damn serious is travelling, and one day in sha Allah you will do it, and one more thing one day we 6 idiots make a plan together and make our Kashmir tour successful.I.A. 1 more amazing thing about you, i love your cooking, wanna share one memory, its about three months ago, you cooked lady finger and the taste was as amazing as i thought you ordered it from some restaurant, and when i asked…hahahaha (emotional fight start), yeah because you are touchy about your friends and passion. you are so sincere friend”.

I wanna say Thanks to my all friends for telling me. i think its very important for me to know my strengths and weaknesses , in this way i will improve my self and one day able to conquer the world and live my dreams with soul satisfaction.

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