Just start your goals

In the pursuit of being a better version of oneself each day, we challenge ourselves each day. Life has both its perks and downs. If it presents oppertunities so does it gives challenges and difficulties.

As we set more goals each day, so does our strategy to achieve each goal varies. One technique cannot be used to achieve all goals. We cannot underestimate the power of goals since these make us move forward, to challenge ourselves and to come out of our comfort zone.

In this regards, I set up a goal to become a top content writer (freelancer). This goal stemmed from the urge to become self sufficient and experience job market to some extent.

The first step I took in this regard was setting up my freelancer profile. For this, I choose zeerk. I added in my qualification and what I offer as a content writer and my experience as well. To make my profile appealing, I added in the certificate of a 3 month freelancing and content writing course I had completed.

This task was my first step to a goal and I will be completing other milestones to achieve this goal of mine.