Storytelling is Here to Stay

Storytelling dates back to ancient times and has been known to be a change agent in society. Telling a good story has the ability to connect with whatever audience and leave them remembering the content. When talking about content marketing trends and practices, the term that should be used is storytelling.

Storytelling is used everyday by many different people including marketers. Shane Snow who wrote the article, Why Storytelling Will Be the Biggest Business Skill in the next 5 years” believes marketers are obsessed with storytelling and stories give the opportunity to have your message or content stand out, spread fast and overall make change.

Storytelling is an important skill to have in content marketing. The PN Staff who wrote “Once upon a time: is Storytelling just another buzzword?” think storytelling adds that emotional component that will make people want to change more than what any fact based communication can do on its own. This is saying that numbers and graphs or just plain boring facts are not going to have as much effect on the audience as a good story. Social media has also changed the game for storytelling in the way that people who like the content can share it with family or friends that they know may like it too. This is shared content that the company does not have to pay for.

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