Awesome article- thank you for sharing! It's unfortunate that the model minority myth has persisted this long, and has permeated across the Asian diaspora. Please continue to use your voice to advance equality and justice for all!

The road to resilience is long but not impossible. Survivors of racial trauma must practice self-care to preserve their holistic well-being.

“出去安全嗎?” / “Is it safe to go outside?” I whisper in Taishanese (台山話) to my mother, a Chinese American immigrant who has lived in the States longer than her homeland.

“對於我們來說,不能保證我們的安全。我們是華裔美國人,但在他們眼中,我們只是中國人。我們不能要害怕過自己的生活。” / “It’ll never be completely safe for us. We are Chinese American, but in their eyes we are just Chinese. We can’t be afraid to live our lives,” my mother somberly says to me.

My lived experience as a first-generation Chinese American woman is a microcosm of trauma that has been passed down for generations. Long excluded from American life, marked as perpetual foreigners, and constantly asked where we’re…

Asian Americans are the most represented racial group in the white-collar workforce but are the least likely to hold managerial positions.

Many people aren’t aware of another glass ceiling that is 3.7 times harder to crack. Part of the issue is that it is hidden in plain sight.

Overlooked in the timely diversity discussion, Asian Americans, more stereotypically known as the most “successful” racial group, are forgotten in the glass ceiling conversation. …

With nearly $6 million in Randolph’s Stabilization Fund, the Town Council must use a portion of these savings to attain level-services for Randolph Public School students.

Written by Sarah Chu

June 9, 2020

Dear Brian Howard, Thea Stovell, and Town Council,

Hello, my name is Sarah Chu, Randolph High School class of 2016. I am writing to express my concerns about the divestment of the Arts, Music, and Physical Education departments, social workers, and counselors across all public schools. Without these essential professionals, I worry that the public schools will not have the resources to provide classes that students need…

We, as a society, must do better for the black community. As an ally for the Black Lives Matter movement, I aim to highlight the vast inequalities black people face through an interdisciplinary lens. I am by no means an expert, but I am learning to be a better advocate for the black community. I implore you to do the same: educate yourself on what it means to be anti-racist, to the many organizations supporting the movement, and join me in this fight for equality. -Sarah

Illustration by Golden Cosmos

Study finds the criminalization of blackness has imprisoned black Americans more than any other…

Photo Credits: Matthew Thomas

Randolph Town Officials unexpectedly cut the Arts, Music, and Physical Education departments across all grade levels on May 28, sparking conversations about Randolph’s municipal budget this fiscal year.

Written by Sarah Chu and Norbert Chu

June 1, 2020

Local governments face tough decisions as the coronavirus pandemic takes its toll on the U.S. economy, as Charlie Baker announces a substantial 10 to 20 percent cut in public education funding across Massachusetts. In addition to this budget cut, dozens of paraprofessionals and custodians were furloughed due to COVID-19 related budget cuts in April. …

Sarah Chu

Associate Consultant at Slalom. Proud Wellesley and LSE Alumna. Founder of Blogonomics.

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