The Price of British Citizenship
Christine Ro

Every time I read one of these explainers, or articles about immigration/visas in various countries, I realize how lucky I’ve got it.

I live in Japan, and pretty much all I have to deal with in terms of immigration is $40 every three or five years to renew my work visa. I know of course that permanent residency or spousal visas require a lot more red tape (interviews, lawyers, probably a significant more cost) but still I imagine it’s less than what you describe. And citizenship for non-Japanese is so difficult as to be extremely rare.

I’ve been here ten years so I am officially eligible for permanent residency (at least as far as the time-of-residence requirement goes, I might very well be turned down for other reasons) but it’s not something I plan to apply for. Despite how long I’ve been here, I do still see myself returning to the US in the next few years at most.

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