STOP F*cking calling me a Millennial.

An open letter to society.

I’m sick of it.

“Hey guys, don’t you know I was born in 1974” — okay actually, I was born in 1987, but you know. Alanis.

I remember a time before the internet. Barely. But I do. I remember having a big clunky computer to learn on, where the screen was black and the lines of code were green.

I know what it’s like to read a fucking book, get lost in the words, listen to a good CD, go to a concert where everyone held up a lighter during a slow song. Not their cell phone.

Why am I so angered about the term Millennial?

Because I’m put into a fucking box. All of the sudden everyone is lumped into this “Generation” that is, wait no I’m going to list this for you — We are:

  1. Entitled
  2. Lazy
  3. Always wanting recognition and acceptance.
  4. Coddled
  5. Insensitive
  6. Sheltered
  7. We’re tech savvy
  8. We’re looking for relationships with our bosses
  9. We can’t have meaningful relationships with another person — we don’t like to date, especially long term relationships — can’t handle those.
  10. We crave fluidity, don’t want to stay at a single job.
  11. We don’t ever want to grow up.

Let’s break this down shall we?

  1. I am not entitled. I come from a poor family and I have a mother with health issues. I will never be able to retire. I make under 12,000 in a year. I’m not part of generation Entitled. I’m part of Generation Poor.
  2. I. Am. Not. Lazy. I have worked since I was 16 years old. I continue to work shit jobs where I am the person who works the hardest. When I go to a job, no matter how shitty it is, I put 110% in every time. Even if I don’t get recognition, I don’t care.
  3. See point 2. I also don’t give two shits if I get your approval or not. I’m comfortable in who I am and my life style. If it means that I don’t get approval from you on Instagram every time I post a particularly creative photo of my food or a photo of my new blue, or maybe it was gold, dress, well frankly George I don’t give a damn.
  4. I am not coddled. I know what it is like to be poor and live across the street from a crack addict’s house. I also know what it’s like to live down the street from a Methadone Clinic. I also know what it’s like to hang out with street kids who don’t have a home and who are busking on the street or selling their art just to make a dime. So yea. Don’t fucking tell me I’m coddled when I’ve probably seen more crazy shit you’ve ever seen in your 50 some years of life.
  5. We’re insensitive. What you’re actually telling me is the fact that I don’t care about anyone but myself, I’m an egotistical little shit who cares nothing about you, your kids, or your families. I am, in fact, so self absorbed that I will probably either never have kids, because that would take away from my ability to be so self absorbed, or I will have kids so I can be so egotistical in thinking I can have a mini me run around my detached 6 bedroom house worth 2 million located in downtown Toronto.
  6. See point 4 please.
  7. I am not tech savvy. Stop thinking I can code. Stop telling me that my future rests in my ability to learn how to code. If every single one of us learned how to code the world would not function. We need people who are going to be doctors, dental assistants, social workers, nurses, lab technicians, physiotherapists, you know, those people. We need people to be in those professions because guess what? Without those professions the world would not function properly. 
    You also want to know what that means? It means I am not going to be tech savvy. I’m not going to be posting my life to my social media account. I’m not going to intuitively know how to leverage my LinkedIn Profile. It also means that I will be completely okay with not checking my Facebook page for ten days, because low and behold, people still know that the best way to reach me is either to actually call me, or show up at my door. So please stop telling me that I am tech savvy. I will face slap you with my phone just to show you how Tech Savvy I really am.
  8. Okay, I actually really don’t get what this means. I figure that you’re going to have a good relationship with your boss because, oh my god and here it is, a novel idea; in order to be a productive employee I should be able to approach my boss to say “Hey, so I am having a problem with a co-worker I would like your help in resolving.”. Go figure. A boss who actually cares enough about his employees so that they’re feeling comfortable enough to approach him when you’re being treated like shit from another employee. I actually have this right now in my work, and I work at a restaurant. Oh wait, did I mention that I managed to have a professional relationship with my bosses? Cause that’s what is SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN.
  9. Okay look. My emotional state and my ability — or inability maybe, to get into a relationship with any single person is none of your business. I have my baggage, it has nothing. NOTHING. to do with being born in a particular year, or generation. Or maybe it does. Maybe the fact that my parents divorced really screwed me up. Maybe now I suddenly have to pay twice the amount my parents did just to have an apartment, and because the only way I could afford that was with a partner, and then seeing my parents divorce….well, I think you can understand my hesitancy here. Regardless. Get your fucking nose out of my personal life.
  10. Okay. Stop that. The economic situation that occurs does not allow me to have a factory job for twenty years. Society also tells me that I should have a home, a happy family and to be a homemaker, but I actually can’t do that. Wait, that was fifty years ago, now it’s telling me to have my dream job in order to be happy…so that means writing for a living? Painting for a living? Wait, what’s my actual dream job because as far as I know, I’m still pretty shit at both those things. I should be doing what I am good at, not what I am passionate about or what I love. Rule number what is it? Five? Don’t waste good.
    Also, I have recently met several people who are in their fifties, who have worked at one job for years, and I mean years upon years, who have gotten laid off. 
    So yes, please stop criticizing me for the fact that I like the idea that I can move from job to job as I see fit for my lifestyle. Also, let’s just think about the fact that as a recent grad, if and when I do get a job, it is often just a contract job and is often not extended. Leaving me looking for work again. So yes. Please stop telling me I need to work at a single job for more than ten years, because it can’t happen any more. Oh and stop saying that this is a by product of us Millennials, get your shit together. It’s not, so stop blaming us. Okay? Thanks.
  11. WHO DOES? The thing is no one wants to grow up. We all want to be children forever. However, a smart, intelligent person knows that life means balance. Balance means that you act silly, and playful, but sometimes you have to do your own laundry, wash your dishes, move out of your parents house and get a real job. That doesn’t mean that you’re not going to go on vacation to Disneyland, or ride every roller coaster ride at Wonderland until you get so sick you puke. But doesn’t everyone want to do that? So please stop telling me that I have Peter Pan Syndrome, because I don’t. Frankly brother, you have a big problem if you think that everyone should grow up to be serious old fuck tards with poles up your bums so far that you can’t enjoy a good cup of coffee let alone a good old fashioned roll in the hay. So pardon me if I don’t ever want to ever grow old. At least I still know how to have fun.

So please stop lumping us into this weird generation. The term is a by product of marketing labeling anyways, but heaven forbid you actually know this piece of information. You just read everything you see on the internet that aligns with your own personal perspectives, so you rather not listen to what anyone else has to say.

Please, stop all lumping us into the same category. I am not a hipster. I won’t be working in a Start Up or Corporate Office any time soon. I don’t own a car, and I barely make my rent and I have over 35, 000 dollars in debt from student loans that will continue when I go back to school to be a Social Worker (GASP, not a tech job!). So stop lumping us into one big group and start looking at each and every one of us and what we will contribute to society in the future.


You’re “Millennial”

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