Does your body get enough rest?

The way your body feels and functions when you are awake is influenced by the quality of your sleep. Inadequate rest is connected with the development of chronic diseases and early death, whilst an adequate amount of sleep is good for your immune system and overall quality of life. In fact only last year, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention cited insufficient sleep as a public health problem.

But it’s not just sleep alone that can impact on our health. Rest and relaxation throughout the waking hours is also a crucial factor and researchers have found that 60–90 minute naps during the daytime can improve memory and productivity.

Dr Sarah Itam looks at the importance of rest, relaxation and recuperation in a balanced lifestyle.

“Rest, Relaxation & Recuperation” is episode 2 of our 10 part Prevention web series. These short videos give you a taster into various aspects of a holistic, healthy lifestyle.

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