On Time and Nostalgia
Keah Brown

When Sex Work offered a living wage

I remember the days when a man used to have to pay a hundred dollars just to look at a woman. I remember when stripping used to be a lucrative business. I remember when pro-subbing in the BDSM world could lead to beaucoup bucks. I remember when sex work offered a viable option.

With the advent of Tinder and other ways that pussy is being given away for free, pussy is a hard sell. Why would someone pay for it when they can get it for free or in exchange for drinks and dinner. A street prostitute used to be able to make sixty dollars for a blow job, but now gets a measly offer of ten or twenty dollars. A professional dominatrix may spend all day doing nothing but chatting online with potential clients.

At the end of 2015, I became a pro-domme. This was not the first time I engaged in sex work but the first time I was disappointed by the money. I tried everything I could to make it lucrative. I carried my Vice President of Marketing of my sorority skills right into this career choice. I did online marketing. I was on the social media. However, in the entire month I spent domming I only got three clients. I was looking for three clients a week. I got three clients total and none of them tipped.

The first client was a wrestling session. I was happy to wrestle him to his defeat and utter surprise. He was a really sweet shy guy and talked while we wrestle. The second was a regular domme session with roleplay about him being a slut and I also urinated in his mouth. The third was merely a spanking session. I got to whale on his bare butt with all sorts of implements. In the end, he said I didn’t hit him hard enough. These gentlemen paid about 200 for the hour session, which is a very good rate if you can get anyone to pay it.

I started to take a deep look at what is happening the sex industry. With people cracking down on whatever even smells like trafficking, there are a whole new set of rules to deal with or you might find yourself being “rescued” from sex work. Don’t get me wrong. There are trafficking victims who need help but the idea that every sex worker needs rescue is a deeply prevailing myth.

Sex workers are said to have high rates of PTSD because of the hazards of the field. Do these hazards outweigh the pay? The potential for fast tax free cash has such an allure that some sex workers would say no. I’m not saying there isn’t money still to be made in sex work. You may have a good lucrative weekend or month or if you’re lucky a year. However, the tremendous amount of fast cash one may think about when considering this field is not necessarily true. And like any career choice, there are skills to be mastered and uniforms to wear. The initial cost of sex work might make it so you barely break even . You may not make as much money as you think.

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