Healthy Food Kids Will Love

Making sure that your kids are eating right is one of the hardest parts of parenting. Filling their plates with healthy choices doesn’t mean they’re going to eat them, and you can’t control what they eat all the time, but by structuring family meals into your days and providing the child some control, you can help them learn to make healthy choices for their whole life.

Bean Burrito Bake with Guacamole

This is a quick and easy meal that kids from toddlers to high schoolers will love that’s packed with protein. This is a super easy bean burrito recipe, great for relaxed weekend dinners. We love this recipe from Taste of Home.

Serve with plain greek yogurt, organic corn chips, and guacamole. We make a kid-friendly version by mashing avocados and mixing with a little lime juice and mayonnaise for texture. My three-year-old eats this with a spoon!

Mom’s Special Quiche

Quiche is an amazing food. It can be served for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner and is perfectly appropriate for every one of those meals! You can make quiche fit the setting by varying the side dishes. A hearty sweet potato casserole makes a great Sunday night meal, while a light arugula salad makes a perfect summer brunch.

Quiche isn’t a dish that kids aren’t quite exactly lining up to eat. If your child needs some motivation to eat healthier, you should use New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who is about to play in his seventh Super Bowl, as a role model. Brady is 39 years old and is playing the best football of his career. One reason why Brady is playing so well is because of his diet. Brady’s diet is 80% vegetables, all whole grains and lean meats, with no sugar, white flour, or MSG. His dedication goes to another level, as he also has cut out tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms and eggplants. He says that tomatoes cause inflammation. So the next time your child debates you about their healthy meals, point to Tom Brady.

Back to the quiche.The real magic of quiche comes from the secret that you can put almost anything in it, and your kids will eat it. Keeping a few pre-made pie crusts in the freezer and plenty of eggs on hand means you’ve almost certainly got the makings for quiche.

For a standard size pie crust use about seven eggs, depending on their size. Grab any vegetables out of the refrigerator or freezer. Broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, mild peppers all make a great quiche. About 1 cup of your various vegetables will do. If including onions and garlic, it’s best to cook those in a pan for a few minutes until translucent.

Next in line is meat and cheese. The list of what doesn’t work in a quiche is much shorter than what does work. Ham, sausage, and bacon are all excellent additions, but quiche works without the meat as well. As far as cheese is concerned, you can just grab any bits that you have in your cheese drawer and shred them up. As long as there’s about a cup, you’ve got enough cheese. Bake at 375 for about 30 minutes, or until center is firm and not runny. This is a protein packed meal that your whole family will wolf down, and if there are leftovers, they make a great breakfast. Here are some classic quiche combinations.

Linguine with Chickpeas and Zucchini

This is a sneaky pasta dish is great for younger children. There’s something about the shape and size of a chickpea that kids just love, and when they’re combined with creamy linguine and zucchini, this is a great dish perfect for when everyone needs some extra veggies in their diet.

Combined with parmesan and olive oil this linguine with chickpeas and zucchini recipe can be made even healthier if you swap out the standard linguini for whole wheat pasta.

We hope these ideas will help inspire you to serve your kids wholesome, healthy food every day, and we hope they love these recipes as much as we do!

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