Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer
Owen Jones

It’s a very reflective piece. It made me reflect. I dug around for the roots of the problem, in Labour movement history. I found I was reading about men that my Great Grandfather would have worked with, at Nine Elms in Battersea. I had no idea. It was always a mystery to me how the family survived. My Grandmother used to talk about him being carried to work. In 1916ish they were moved out. He couldn’t gat himself or the children to air raid shelters and my Great Grandmother was the one working by then. I had no idea of the level of organisation in that workplace. I thought they got lucky through some charity. The point of this is, here I still am, 100 years later, with 100% commitment, without really knowing why, or what debt I owed.

My first vote was in ‘79. I came down in the morning and my mother had listened to Thought for the Day. Probably Lionel Blu. She told me he had said, in the scheme of the Universe, this is a tiny blip. Or words to that effect. I always remember that. When the going is tough, keep your eyes on the long path ahead.