#Module10: Eight Tips for Choosing an Online Survey Provider

There are many reasons why an individual or business conducts an online survey. Online surveys are fast. The time that is needed to complete an online survey is usually two-thirds shorter than that of traditional research methods (SmartSurvey, 2017). Since the information is being collected automatically, and the response time is instant, there is no delay receiving the information. Online surveys are also cheaper than paper-based, or in-person surveys. Using an online survey reduces research costs, as there is no need to spend money mailing the survey, or allocating time to enter the information in a database. Lastly, online surveys are more flexible. The questions for an online survey can be customized, and tailored to each participant as they take it. Because of this, a specific target audience can be reached, and provided with questions that apply to them specifically.

There are some things to consider and remember when choosing an online survey provider, so the benefits of the provider are maximized. A successful online survey makes market research easier. It is important that the business does some research on multiple online survey providers to ensure they are getting the type of solution they need.

Below is an infographic that displays eight tips for effectively choosing an online survey provider. This information was taken from Avinash Kaushik’s blog post titled Eight Tips For Choosing An Online Survey Provider.

Remember these tips when looking for an online survey provider!