Changes in technology!

Week 7

“ An Understanding of how changes in technology impact on the way humans communicate, and the ethical issues that surround these changes”.

When I first looked at this statement, I am not going to lie, I thought “what in the world is this about, and where am I going to start”. So, what did I do? Break it down! “How changes in technology impact on the way we communicate”. That’s easy, right? Well, 40 years ago we most definitely weren’t shooting somebody a text, or tweeting them, liking their facebook post, we weren’t even emailing each other yet. The only form of communication that existed was writing a letter, or God forbid actually talking them… IN PERSON!

From this, the most obvious conclusion that comes to mind is the fact that because of technological advances and changes, our communication is now instant! Literally, instant! If I wanted to get a message to somebody, no matter where in this world they may be, I can get my message across instantly. Without having to write a letter, go to the post office, post the letter, and wait a few weeks in the hope it reached the right person. The Internet is what this all comes back to. The internet has had such a huge impact on the way humans communicate, by giving us so many more opportunities and ways to be able to talk to somebody, or get a message across.

Of course, along with these advances comes a few ethical issues that were not present back in dial up days. I guess the main one that springs to mind is cyber bullying. A Journal by Campbell titled “Cyber Bullying: An Old Problem in a New Guise?” outlines how cyber bullying is a global issue, that has “not received the attention it deserves”. This was written in 2012, and suggests that not enough had been done in an attempt to address this issue. We are now in a world 4 years later… So has anything been done? In a 2016 article, Young has researched school policies towards cyber bullying, and discovered that policies do in fact exist. One of the key points that he highlights is that education is key to eliminating cyber bullying. Education of all children in schools, teachers and parents. In order to fight this problem, everyone must first have a clear understanding of what it is.

By writing this blog, it has become clear to me that changes and in specific advances in technology have has major impacts on the ways in which we communicate. Cyber bullying is the main ethical issue that has become apparent, as these changes have come around. Although this ethical issue still exists, there is definitely research and policies being put into place in an attempt to fix it.

Yours in blogging, Sarah x

Campbell, M.A. (2012) ‘Cyber Bullying: An Old Problem in a New Guise?’, Australian Journal of Guidance and Counselling, 15(1), pp. 68–76.

Young, D.A. (2016) ‘Cyberbullying: Identifying elements and boundaries of effective school policeis’. Honors College Theses.

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