So why blog?!

Introduction to my blog…

My name is Sarah, and I am currently a student at the Australian Catholic University (ACU) in Strathfield. I am studying a bachelor of primary school education, and so far I have been loving absolutely everything about it. Yeah sure, it has been pretty challenging at times – I mean, who loves doing assessments? But for the most part, I am taking in absolutely everything and making the most of my time at university! Sometimes, it’s great to just get everything that’s inside my head out, well at least attempt to anyway. And that’s what this blog is mostly going to be about!

Most of my friends think I am absolutely crazy to be voluntarily going into a room of 30 children and trying to control them.. But the truth is, I am secretly a kid at heart! This blog will include a whole lot of things for children, any cool projects to do with them, any experiences that I may have with them. But for the most part, this blog will go through the experiences I have whilst studying at university. So strap yourselves in, and get ready for a bumpy road ahead in the next few weeks!

Yours in blogging, Sarah x

All of the work contained within this blog is my own, except where appropriately academically referenced.

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