Putting one’s friends through a political litmus test, such as “donate to my causes, or we’re not…

This is way way more than an “election outcome”. Here in Australia we do not have gay marriage and recently there’s been several incidents where couples travelling from the USA were torn apart by ignorant attitudes here, denying loved ones access in hospital and so on. This is not some hypothetical culture decision. If someone is making decisions that actively destroy my life, or the lives of people like me then I am not going to have that person near me. Especially not if I have a child to protect. I agree with the other commenter that calling this a litmus test is diminishing what this really is: you’re trying to reframe these things as being about personal taste. If you are queer, if the love of your life is the same gender as you, these things are not a lifestyle choice; and the way you are talking about it Tom, it feels like that is what you believe.

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