Facebook Page “Likes” are still a BIG DEAL.

(Here’s the skinny on why)

Facebook Page Like Campaigns are not as popular as they used to be. The big focus is on Group growth which is awesome, but don’t overlook your Fan Page! I’m a huge fan of getting your “likes” on your Fan Page to at least 1000. Why? Because more Facebook Likes = More Trust = More $$$.

Say you download the latest and greatest freebie/freemium/opt-in/ or lead magnet. Or you drive past a local business that’s piqued your curiosity so you Facebook stalk them. You land on their page and the business has, like, 35 likes. Why would you trust someone to be a business if they have such a small following? I wouldn’t!

But what if the fan page has over 1000 likes? Your brain would automatically say “legit business”.

Not to mention there is a conspiracy theory that Facebook ad costs go down and customer service goes up after 1000 likes. This is important for the growth of your business.

And here’s the most important reason to drive up your likes: retargeting. When you start running ads to your warm audience, having fan engagement will be key to growing your business.

Some will say “get likes by asking friends!”. Sure, it’s nice if grandma is your fan, but you can’t use her for retargeting later. You need a solid, targeted, engaged fan base to warm up your audience and use for retargeting in ads.

I advise most of my clients to have an ongoing Page Likes Campaign. You don’t have to spend a fortune growing your social proof — a small $5 per/day ad will work wonders for your page likes.

The key to success is in the targeting. Make sure you know who your audience is. If you are a restaurant, target people who like to eat out. Target people who go to food and wine events. Don’t just randomly put an ad out there to see if it will stick. If you do, you’ll get stuck with an audience who is not engaged.

Don’t feel like setting up a Page Like Campaign? I’ll do it for you! From now until October 1st, I will set up a Page Like Campaign for your business for $100 (plus I will monitor it for you for 2 weeks).

Wanna grow your likes? Email me: sarah@tomessocialmedia.com