You probably know someone who owns their own business. You will want to support them but cannot buy all of their stock (there are only so many pairs of socks you need!).

You will be friends with them on Facebook but they might not say much about their business there.

Small business happy dance
It’s true and I’m happy to record it for you!

Us business owners can get a bit shy about what we do, we don’t want to spam you with our stuff. We know that you care about us but have about as much interest in our business as we have in your job.

None of us wants to be the…

We all have customers. We all want more customers.

Finding them and hunting them down on Facebook is literally rocket science. I see lots of debate about Facebook advertising.

Some Facebook users get annoyed with the ads (even some business owners, who should understand that marketing is a necessity). I quite like them, usually because the clever marketing peeps know that I have a weakness for wine and gin.

If you are getting sponsored ads pop up for things that are of no interest, then it’s time to have a look at your interests.

I have been to networking meetings…

Over in the 5 Day Facebook Ninja Challenge group we have been working our socks off to get our heads around the basics of Facebook Ads.

We are also talking about posts. These are the posts that you are hoping will get you sales but you have not had to pay for.

Facebook has so many layers, by this I mean that there are profiles, pages, your groups, other peoples groups and paid for ads.

Every single part of this huge machine is useful to us small business owners.

Some people spend lots of time popping sales posts into networking…

A year ago I was working full time as a Head of Maths in a secondary school. This is a challenging but super rewarding job. What I have always loved about it is the way that every day is different.

The students keep you on your toes, they are unpredictable, cheeky and I would find great delight in my witty comebacks. I’m not sure that they always found me funny but it is OK to laugh at your own jokes.

What you get really good at when you work in a school environment is making decisions and managing constant change…

Facebook — a small business necessity

My relationship with Facebook is constantly evolving and I genuinely cannot imagine life without it. Every day I wake up and the first thing I do is to look at Facebook. It is such a habit, a really, really, bad habit. Sometimes I feel like it is sucking my life away like a screen leech.

The thing is, I know that I am not alone. Millions of us wake up and “check” Facebook. Quite what we expect to see is a mystery but we scroll through that news feed, liking and wowing at whatever takes our fancy.

This is how…

Sarah Truman

Confessions of a Small Business Owner

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