Vancouver Startup, Nano-Lit Technologies makes Quantum Dot Glass for Mercedes and Lighting for Vancouver City Hall

Sarah Morgan
Nov 17, 2017 · 2 min read

….now raising investment for scale up through Creative Destruction Lab and Frontfundr.

Designing Light for our Third Space

The Problem: Natural light is dynamic and artificial light is not.

We spend 90% of our time indoors under 300–500 lux of light, while outside we get between 10,000–100,000 lux.

LED Lighting only accounts for 1% of companies’ operational costs….so it’s time to start addressing QUALITY.

Solution: Human Centric Lighting (HCL). Nano-Lit worked with Mercedes to develop a controllable, light emitting Quantum Dot sunroof and one month later, used a similar technology to build the Human Centric Lighting fixtures now installed at Vancouver City Hall’s permitting department.

What next? All of Nano-Lit’s products have been built in small quantities with industrial partners from the automotive, lighting and quantum dot industries, between Amsterdam, Vancouver and Edinburgh. It’s time to start automating, so after identifying the right equipment, factories and technical expertise to address the growing line of automotive and industrial office customers, awaiting sunroofs and retro-fit light fixtures….we’re ready for prime time!

On a recent trip to Seattle’s CleanTech Alliance Annual Meeting as guests of Vancouver Economic Commission, Nano-Lit received three requests for proposals of pilot projects, similar to the one at Vancouver City Hall. What’s key now is that data is built around the impact of the Nano-Lit lights on users’ focus, efficiency and sleep cycles.

Decades of research by the major lighting companies, tells us there’s a there, there — now the lighting industry needs to think about lighting for people, the same way we think about lighting for plants.

The Third Space is the title given to the interior environment of the future autonomous car. How we use it, is still to be determined, but if we use it effectively, it will go from a place of stress, to a source of calm and focus.

Sarah Morgan

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Sarah Morgan is the CEO of Nano-Lit Technologies —

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