Productivity and The Law of Attraction

I am by no means an expert in the Law of Attraction. However, the principals of the Law of Attraction (LOA) have been part of my life for some time now. As I was reading Money and the Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks, something I read really hit home about LOA and it’s relationship to productivity, and I really wanted to share this food for thought with you.

How the Law of Attraction works

In very basic terms, the Law of Attraction works on vibration.Vibrations are our thoughts feeling and emotions. These vibrations are then responded to by The Law of Attraction which then organises them, bringing like vibrations together and holding non-like vibrations apart. If you have ever heard the phrase ‘like attracts like’ then you will understand what I mean.

Are you asking the universe to make you stressed out and overwhelmed?

Say for example you’re feeling totally stressed out and overwhelmed with the amount of work you have on your to-do list. The vibration you are sending out into the universe is one of stress, anxiety and overwhelm. This is then returned to us by the Law of Attraction with more of the same. You know those times when you feel as though you’re in a loop that you can’t get out of; you’re always stressed out and overwhelmed? Well unintentionally, we are asking for more of that by letting it consume our thoughts and actions throughout the day.

Happiness is a natural productivity booster

In a lot of my blogs, I talk about happiness being the best free productivity tool there is. As when we’re happy, we work with greater efficiency, we can problem solve with ease and we enjoy what we are doing. The lack of stress and worry makes the day run smoother and our tasks are completed without problems. I’m sure you can relate to a time when this has happened to you.

By changing the vibration we send out into the world to one of calm and control, we will receive back a level of calm control in return.

But let’s face it, it’s not always that easy, is it?

Now, I did say I’m not a Law of Attraction expert and although I am aware of the principals, and how my actions and thoughts attract more of the same, I am not always able to control negative thoughts or feelings of stress, anxiety and overwhelm, however, with conscious effort I’m much better than I used to be. And you can be too.

So, how can we maintain these positive thoughts to help attract increased productivity into our business?

Let me give you a bit of an example.

At the end of 2016, and for the last quarter of that year, I was a little frantic in the way I worked. I really wanted to accomplish a set number of things before the start of the New Year and was hastily trying to achieve those goals.

I worked long hard hours without much of a break. I was tired most of the time. I dropped too many of my hobbies and outdoor activities to make space for the work I wanted to do towards my business plans and goals. And when the year ended I was running on fumes. I was burnt out, exhausted, frustrated and fatigued.

After taking a break over Christmas and recalling how for each January for the past 3 years I had burnt out within the first 3 weeks, I was determined not to repeat the same pattern. I guess learning a lesson after 3 years is better than not learning it at all!

I started the year with a motto;

‘It will take as long as it takes’

And when I find myself starting to push towards a crazy self-imposed deadline, I chant this to myself, breathe for a moment, and take my foot off the gas.

The more I push the more stress, worry, fatigue and anxiety I attract into my world. It’s not healthy and it’s not fun.

Making small changes to make a big difference

From my experience, I know that if you want to make significant changes to the way you do things, then you need to take it one step at a time. The bigger the change the more chance of failure, and this is where the small steps become even more important.

So this year I started with finding balance in small ways.

I began to schedule personal time, hobbies and activities into my planner so they didn’t get forgotten or missed. And in January, I scheduled the second week of the month in a way that allowed me to take a reading day half way through the week.

Now, at the end of last year, the idea of a reading day was impossible for me to comprehend. I was too busy! There were things that needed to be done! If I didn’t work then I didn’t earn! etc etc………’s those negative thoughts again, attracting me more of the same!

However, all that pushing last year didn’t result in a significant difference in my success. Instead, it left me worn out, fatigued and pretty disheartened when there was nothing tangible to show for that extra effort, those extra hours worked, those late nights and early mornings.

Back to taking my foot off the gas

The mantra — ‘it will take as long as it takes’ — is really working for me right now. That string of words has created a calm control in my days and weeks. I actually feel more productive as my deadlines are realistic and achievable. I am able to recharge and relax due to scheduling in time for my hobbies, outdoor activities and I even scheduled in time to do absolutely nothing if I need it.

The power of The Law of Attraction

Through the power of LOA, I am remaining calm, in control and more productive and as a result, I am automatically asking for more of the same. As the tension or stress starts to rise, I take my foot off the gas again. I get grounded, I find my centre and I recharge before starting again without pushing.

Recognising the problem is half the battle

The secret I have found to this is recognising the problem before it becomes a problem. Now we all know the signs when we are starting to feel overwhelmed. We maybe snap at someone when we didn’t mean to. We struggle to get out of bed and get started as we are so tired. We feel as though we are going from bed to office and back to bed again. We can’t remember the last time we made time for self-care and nurture. Our hobbies are gathering dust and our social life is non-existent.

So as you start to move in that direction. Take a moment to recognise what’s happening and then take your foot off the gas.

Ask yourself ‘what do I NEED right now to stop this going any further, what can I do to turn this around?’

Then take action to do whatever it takes to send the right vibration into the universe and wait for it to be received back in return.

Remember the Law of Attraction matches things that are alike and not unlike

Your thoughts really do become things

If your thoughts are along the lines of;

  • I’m not productive because I don’t have as much time as other people.
  • I’ve always been unproductive and that’s not going to change, it’s just the way I am.
  • I’m not productive because my office space isn’t right for my work.
  • I’m not productive because other people prevent me from getting on with things.
  • I’m not productive because, because, because……

Can you see the pattern? Can you see the message this sends out into the universe?

But if you feeling unproductive, how can you possibly send the right message out into the universe?

When you are feeling super productive or things are going really well it is certainly much easier to send out those vibrations into the universe. So during a time of lack, it’s important to not feel ‘what is’ but instead feel ‘what is to come’.

Visualise what your most productive day will look like. Feel the feelings of satisfaction when you feel in control and calm. When you are about to start a daunting task, visualise working through it with ease and control and feel the feelings of completing this task and ticking it off your list.

Let’s turn these thoughts around

Instead of:

  • I’m not very productive
  • I always feel overwhelmed and tired
  • I will never be organised
  • I can’t do that
  • I’m not capable


  • I am productive each and every day
  • I feel calm and in control
  • I am loving my perfect work/life balance
  • I feel energised and ready to go each day
  • I can do anything I put my mind to
  • I am capable of great things
  • I am a success

Doing this will help you to deliberately focus on your desired outcome rather than where you are right now.

So next time you catch yourself thinking or saying I don’t have time, or I feel so unorganised, turn it around and change the words. I can manage my priorities to give myself more time. I can be more organised. Etc. This will shift how you feel about the negative situation or subject. Doing it often enough will turn this into a habit, allowing you to naturally change your vibration without effort.

Good luck, and just remember the universe is on your side, you just need to send the right message.

Sarah x