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#LSDdiaries — Tripping in Tokyo : Flashbacks

This is part of a series regarding my first (and only) time doing LSD, alone in a flat in Tokyo. Not my best idea ever, so I figured I’d share some things about my experience.

I started remembering flits and fragments of memories…of places. Little small things like the glint of the vending machine lights at 2am in Sumida Tokyo, as I press the button for the pretty pink peach sparkling sake.

Putting in a few more coins and reaching down to grab the Strong Zero I plan on pre-gaming with on the walk back to the flat that I’m staying in, alone…I look up at the street lamps and ad hoc building walls, down to the winding streets of the block. I take a deep breath as I pop the can.

I took my shoes off in the entry and ducked into the living area. My feet carried me across the tatami mat under the one single light in the flat, which I had left on, in the kitchen/sink area. I often leave a light on when I leave, and there was only one in the flat, so…

There wasn’t much of a kitchen, a microwave and a toaster oven really, simply stacked on a mini fridge. A sink that I both washed my dishes in and brushed my teeth in was right beside it, and on the shelf above was both my food storage and my toiletries. It was the most wonderful tour in minimalism, my obsession at the time.

I pop open my lipstick shade and examine it. The smell stuck with me, the smell of that particular lipstick. Even today the scent takes me right back to the winding streets of the Sumida chome in the late afternoon. I look in the mirror above the sink and put my lipstick on. I’m not going anywhere.

I sip the Strong Zero, and move to sit by the incense I had lit before my brief ritual — a plastic bottlecap I turned into a makeshift burner with a lighter and a pen.

All the necessary ingredients, now…in which position do you reckon one can repose with a pen and paper in this flat, with the least amount of bodily tension? I sip the Strong Zero and begin my tatami poet’s yoga sequence of the evening.