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Marketing Hack — Appealling to High-Schoolers

If you want anything to be popular, it has to appeal to high-schoolers.

They are responsible for rapidly increasing consumer spending centers, after all. But it’s how you get trends, because as Derek Thompson mentions in “Hit Makers: How Things Become Popular”, it’s a unique environment where that particular age group mixes and establishes trends, and they are supremely pre-occupied with it.

Facebook — was a university platform, but when it opened up who were the critical takers that propelled the platform to prominence? High-schoolers, in that sweet spot of college freshmen to high school upperclassmen.

Guess what other giant follows this pattern: Amazon.

Amazon started as a book seller and branched out to meet more needs of school shopping, navigating the challenge of including apparel, and the rest is history. Once again, that sweet spot, tapping those sectors of consumer spending.

Google too. Who googles things the most? School-age individuals.

Apple — who made MP3 players popular?

Those are the biggest companies today, and the money backs up this marketing insight — if you want something to be popular, it has to appeal to high-schoolers.