Fibromyalgia Alternatives

Sarah Curcio
Mar 4 · 3 min read

If you have fibromyalgia (like myself), then you know the pain that comes from the trigger point areas. The most common symptom is widespread muscle pain and tenderness that can be severe and sharp. There can also be a delayed onset of muscle soreness and spasms as well.

Additional symptoms include fatigue, extreme and utter exhaustion, anxiety, mood swings, nervousness, lack of concentration and focus, sensations of coldness or tingling, extra sensitivity to pain, difficulty falling asleep, or sleep disturbances throughout the night.

Now, you know that it makes daily activities very difficult. From doing laundry, grocery shopping, cooking meals, and cleaning it’s not easy at all. However, you push through the pain, but in the long run, it just causes more agony.

There are alternative healthcare services that can help you. Let’s review the benefits…


Believe it or not, food plays a major role in fibromyalgia, and going gluten-free is a major factor. This can aid in lessening your fatigue, depression, brain fog, and anxiety. By cutting out wheat, rye, barley, and oats you’ll begin to see the fog and mood lift.


Now, a session typically lasts for 30 minutes and should be conducted once a week for the first couple of months to see optimum results. Individuals can be placed in a sitting position or lay down on a soft table. The upper body is usually unclothed and covered with a sheet, which allows for easy access to certain trigger points. You might even fall asleep during treatment because it’s so relaxing. Your body becomes less tense.

Now, stimulation of certain acupuncture points can affect the release of certain substances in the brain, which include serotonin and norepinephrine. Both of these neurotransmitters aid in reducing the painful muscle symptoms.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can help reduce stiffness and fatigue. In addition to exercise, physical therapists use a wide range of resources from deep tissue massage to ice and heat packs for hydrotherapy. With these tools, they can help people with fibromyalgia use their muscles, stretch for flexibility, and move their joints through range-of-motion exercises.

The ultimate goal of physical therapy is for you to learn the specific treatments and exercises and then, do them daily or as needed at home.


The pain from pressure points, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, and musculoskeletal pain are all treatable with chiropractic care. It reduces pain and increases healing through spinal adjustments, and increases range of motion in the cervical and lumbar regions of the body.

There are a variety of ways adjustments can be made such as…

  • gentle pressure or stretching
  • multiple gentle movements of one area
  • specific high-velocity thrusts

The adjustments help return the bones to their proper alignment or promote movements that reduce pain and promote healing. Spinal manipulation is used to relieve pressure and increase blood flow to specific nerves. It works to alleviate abnormalities in the central nervous system that are associated with fibromyalgia.

Massage Therapy

Since FMS causes pain and makes your body extremely sensitive to touch and pressure, you probably won’t be able to tolerate any kind of deep-tissue massage.

Make sure your massage therapist is familiar with the gentle touch required for treating FMS or is at least willing to do some research on it. Open lines of communication are vital when it comes to how much pressure a therapist can apply to your muscles.

Then after a massage, you’re likely to feel more relaxed and get a better night’s sleep, which in turn can help alleviate your symptoms.

So, as you can see, there are alternative healthcare options available for people with FMS. Each treatment has something unique to offer depending upon your individual symptoms. Having treatments can aid in having less pain, regain mobility, and even a remission state. Believe it or not, the impossible is actually possible!

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