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The title of this post is a little misleading- it’s not so different to mourn as a developer than a person with any other kind of job. But speaking as a developer, I’ll talk about my experiences through that lens, as I know no other.

A friend of mine died last week. We weren’t best friends, but he was a great person whose company I loved, and, looking back at our digital history, realized we were there for each other through a lot of challenging times: heartbreak, harassment, job loss, and medical problems, to name a few. …

This year has been a surreal one for me. I’ve had years that were particularly tough, years that trended more cheerfully, but 2017 was unique and bizarre because I felt an immense guilt in my happiness.

I think this might have been the year I found the most personal happiness, but the giant caveat in everything was watching the world divide, watching racism, sexism and hatred rise, and seeing some real damage that incurred on people’s lives around the world.

Personally, the biggest and most wonderful part of my whole year is that my fiancé, Dizzy Smith, has now gone two full years without needing treatment for his cancer. I don’t talk about this that much because I don’t want to jinx it, but this one thing informs so much of my happiness, I would be remiss to exclude it. …

Do you remember the infographic? Infographics became very popular because of their impact on conversion. On the user side, they were full of quick, easy to digest information. They were colorful and, when created well, clearly illustrated comparative information that one could pick up at a glance. On the creator’s side, they increased the ROI (return on investment) of their posts and shares. The impact of the graphics on a company’s visibility and brand awareness was staggering. The Whole Brain Blog boasted numbers such as:


Sarah Drasner

Sarah Drasner is an award-winning Speaker, Senior Developer Advocate at Microsoft, and Staff Writer at CSS-Tricks. She’s a Vue Core team member.

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