86.2 kg. Again.
Allison Washington

Alison- thank you for posting about your struggle. I too have spent years wasting time trying to be a weight different to my own, but this all changed last year when I realised how long I’d wasted wanting to look different, and if I’d invested that time in learning to love my body, then I would’ve got a lot further. The right kind of person won’t love you for a smaller waist – they’ll love you for who you are. And though you may feel more confident with a smaller waist, it will be your confidence that attracts them, not the number on your waistband. For me, discovering the body positive community on sites like Instagram, completely changed my view of myself. I always thought women of all sizes were beautiful, but I couldn’t seem to see that in myself. Now I do. I’m bigger than I was, but happier than I was. We are all unique and – so cliche I know – that is what makes us beautiful. I hope you can find love for your body – one that always changes but is always you. (Also – its unfortunately true what they say about eating less slowing down the metabolism – it’s a shitty cycle to get stuck in, but there’s a way out!)

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