[Written March 2012.]

with each step I climb

higher and higher

my naked feet straining

on the narrow prongs

set to support my weight

and aid in the ascent

I climb and I climb and I climb

and the world below me begins to look


and smaller

the people are

tiny now

splashing around in the blue water

I climb and I climb

reaching the summit

I pull my bodyweight

up and onto

the podium

my muscles, my skin, my bones

up onto the long platform

it quivers under my feet

sensing my unease

and equaling my excitement

I walk.

step by step the edge gets


I fold my toes over the rim and

peek down past my body

and see that which invites me


it reaches for me

arms and hands

waiting to catch my plummeting body

I raise my arms

adjust my weight

and hurl myself from the diving board

and fall

down into the water

landing with a splash

which echoes out

and out and out




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