If I were to summarise twenty three

If I were to summarise twenty three

It’s been love. Love lost, love found and peace

It’s been solace and beauty and embracing truth and not what’s best

It’s been turning off but tuning in

It’s been breathing deep and letting thoughts sink in.

It’s been writing. Each day. It’s been loving

Loving me, so I can love you.

23 has been saying goodbye. And saying

Hello new. Hello you. It’s been new friends

Across the world. It’s been new dreams.

New sites. New sights. 30 different places to rest my head.

It’s been waking up to 365 new sunrises

And staring at 365 starry skies.

It’s been being held by different arms.

It’s been crying salty tears by the salty sea

And laughing until tears down Portuguese lanes

All in a body browned by the sun and scarred by adventures.

Or misadventures.

If I were to summarise 23

It would be about being me. To saying life’s too short. To saying life’s

complicated enough. To saying life’s hard enough

to worry about body suits and one too many beers

about stains on t-shirts, holes in jeans and dark skin under the eyes.

23 has been about liberating myself from the shackles.

Saying goodbye to office based atrophy.

It’s been opening closed doors and finding zen.

It’s been changing the daily,

from copywriting, through gardening to pulling pints of IPA.

Smiling at new people everyday.

23 has been big and bold

So high and so low

And so wonderfully conclusive.

Here I am, back at base.

Back at home. Back in the north

Having found my true.

Here I am, excited for the next.

Twenty four.

A year promising so much more than a revival of my favourite tv series.

24 will see life on another continent. Changing my domain to .CA

Getting back to the fields, muddy boots and holey gloves.

Sharing dreams, hopes, past and present with

new loves.

24 symbolises a new chapter.

A different light; a different aura.

24 is a blank page. How blessed am I

To be armed with the ink.

Hours remain of this age, this stage

but I’m ready

Reaching up and out with open arms

To life itself.

Here I am, 24.

Take me in.