Choose your look: Bald and wise, or thick, strong hair?

How is hair fall treatment gaining so much of importance in the recent years? The story goes like this…

When Prince William looked 42, while he was just 34 — a staggering 8 years — experts blamed his bald patch and concluded that no other physical trait affects the age of a man faster than balding.

For men who are not born in the royal family, balding can be seriously career limiting. Men in the show business, who have been getting a lot of attention due to their youthful looks, may develop insecurity with hair loss.

Actually, the balding that makes a man look older has a positive side to it.It gives an impression of wisdom and, as a recent study says, gives a man a stronger, sexier, more masculine look. So, he can prefer to go with nature by shaving off his thinning hair for a complete bald look, or can get the best of both worlds by opting for scalp micro pigmentation that would get him the close cropped hair on the full head.

That you can actually choose your look, irrespective of your age, is the reality of the modern age, thanks to the latest hair fall treatment techniques. So for all the bald men out there, it’s not all bad news. Hair loss, stigmatised for long in India, because flawlessly flowing locks has been the definition of beauty and good looks, is no more a thing to worry.

How common is it?

Studies estimate male pattern baldness as much more common than female pattern. While late thirties take away over 60% of men’s hair, 50s leave over 85% of them balding. So thinning hair doesn’t particularly come with age. It can make you bald even while you are still young.


The cause for balding or hair loss is mostly genetic.A general estimate is that half the population has a hereditary hair loss by the age of 50.The incidence of hair transplant in India has also grown in the past decade.

A genetic hair loss can sometimes skip a few generations.The sufferers of hair loss carry particular genes that cause a reaction between a specific hormone in the body and the hair follicles, blocking the growth of the follicles.

There are several other causes such as:

- Hormonal imbalance due to stress

- Malnutrition

- Drugs like beta-blockers, thyroid medications, or birth-control pills

- Infections of the scalp

- Reduced immunity

- The habit of hair plucking and pulling, called Trichotillomania

- Tightly pulled hair dos

- Smoking


The good news is, this can be stopped or reversed with proper hair fall treatment. Of the variety of methods used to treat hair loss is one that reduces the amount of DHT, a hormone in the body, to protect the follicles from getting affected. Another treatment boosts the follicles by increasing the blood flow towards it.

The craze in the recent years has been that of hair transplant. In India, the trend has picked up quite rapidly. The transplant involves surgically picking up hair follicles from any site of the patient’s body and planting them on the portion that is balding. This can also be used for giving new hair to lashes and brows.


Some may not like the idea of balding gracefully.The idea of reversing hair loss may not appeal to some. Today’s hair fall treatments equipped to take both opinions gracefully.