Working at the intersection of research, service design, transparency, and accessibility, the City of Austin has taken a big step toward a better relationship between its residents and the police department that serves them. A collaboration between the Office of Design Delivery and the Office of Police Oversight (formerly the Office of Police Monitor) has resulted in a new online form for resident feedback on interactions with the Austin Police Department. For the first time ever, residents can anonymously register complaints or express thanks regarding interactions with officers. Both forms are live on the Office of Police Oversight’s new website.

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The Office of Police Oversight’s new homepage.

These digital forms are the result of extensive research, community outreach and forums, many content and design drafts, a lot of open source development, several rounds of user testing and bug squashing, and close collaboration between many stakeholders. …

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🏆 First prize goes to Your Spiritual Temple Sucks, directed by John Hsu

🏆 Second prize goes to Aquaphobia, created by Jakob Kudsk Steensen

🏅 Honorable Mention goes to Bananza!, created and animated by Teyosh Studio

🏅 Honorable Mention goes to The Joy Of Frogs, created by The Guardian Media Group and directed by Shehani Fernando

Together with our partners at Inception, we’re excited to announce the winners of the first annual Online VR Film Festival! …


Sarah Rigdon

Writer, editor, researcher, maker.

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