15. TicTacToe Java

So I’ve been slightly wary of getting started on this one, but also drawn to it too. I was worried I wouldn’t know what tests to begin with, but that turned out to be okay (well so far anyways). Then, I was worried I wouldn’t perform the ‘refactor’ step in the best way and therefore screw up the ‘repeat’ stage of the TDD approach. But then, as I’m only just getting familiar with TDD, I guess it’s pretty much a given that I’m not going to get it right the first time! Doesn’t stop me wanting to ace it though. I’ve only just started really and feel I need a dedicated period of time on Monday and Tues to get a working game (including several wipes/rewrites) , while at the same time really practicing the TDD approach.

I’m really enjoying the process of discovery and learning, but equally I keep worrying I will fall behind, or believe I’m doing sufficiently well, but actually be perceived by others to NOT be doing sufficiently well! I’m looking forward to getting some feedback after my first month, just to see if my perception meets others’.

Sorry if this is all a bit of a waffle/babble and poor English, but ’tis very late.

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