Customer Identity in an online world.

What is customer online identity?

Customer online identity is someone who takes control of their own information, out of the hands of corporations and into their own, solely resting in their domains. This can be websites and interactions with different business users.

What is the difference between having a customer identity in the real world and online?

WELL let’s say I want to buy a dress.

In reality I would go to YDE, pick the dress from the shelf then go to the checkout line and pay for it. All I have to do here is give the dress, they ring it up and I pay with card or cash, my name wasn’t asked no personal details were asked simple in and out.

In the digital world I would go onto the YDE website, browse through the different dresses, select one and add it to my virtual cart. When it comes to checking out I need to fill in some personal information so that they know who I am and that I am not a robot. I will have to put my name, surname, email, phone number and credit card information as well as where I live onto this website and now I have an Identity with that business online.

Can you spot the difference with the scenario above?

Spot the difference

Is being online more secure than reality?

It is important to take note that it is easy to hack people’s information online than it is to do in reality. Individuals are on social media 24/7 talking about their social lives and their personal information. This makes it easier for someone to hack your account and information personally BUT businesses today can incorporate a lot of security when dealing with their customer’s personal information and is important to keep up-to-date with the technologies and software that keeps the customers information safe.

Where as in reality one has to put a lot of effort into stealing your information such as bank cards and IDs as well high risk of being caught in the act.

It’s easier to get your information stolen online but you have to trust that the business you are dealing with has put the best security up for you.

Identity Theft