I grow weary I grow tired things are tedious

This life used to seem like such a beautiful mess

evolved now into a clusterfuck of useless

trajectory geared toward answering to the

dumbest minds around us

they don’t believe in truth, they live for their paranoia

and inferiority complexes

the mentality is why don’t we do THIS?

We already have, it’s been done like this before

Well, I wasn’t a part of that

well I have't inspected that

I haven’t experienced that

I’m in charge now and need to assert and validate

my presence with participation

let me see if I can wrap my head around things

by wasting time doing things which have already been done

at which time I will comprehend what you are saying is true or I still may not but then I will at least have

participated in the process, and feel validated

we haven’t tried something if I wasn’t involved before,

even if we have tried it before. That doesn’t count

that experience is invalidated without my presence

that experience or those facts or that truth isn’t truth unless I was there to see it happen with my own eyes

you’ll never convince me otherwise

so let me waste your time and money and dwindling


who cares if the very planet we inhabit

the only inhabitable planet at this point in time


because our presence and priorities in life are KILLING it.

Yes we’re all going to die eventually but


do not attempt things out of spite for those who came before you

stop being children

all of you

do your jobs

try to be human

try to access your humanity

create legislation that speaks to the ideals

that came over three hundred years ago

with the founding of the 13 colonies and the

Republic of the United States of America

Globalization today isn’t scary

what is scary to you is not being able to

be on top

material validation and dividing to conquer

does not symbolize power any longer

isolation is unsafe

we have to work together to make the entire

world a better place

You’re not the best. You’re not the best

You’re not the best at anything

except maybe being asinine

You’re no better than Clinton

Clinton would have been no better than you

You’re both not servicing the world for the right reasons, you’re both falling short

She should retire and so should you. She should stop

giving speeches and you should stop making tweets

Give that shit a rest and consider how to do the work as POTUS better.

You work for us now, act like it