10.3 television advertising critique sheet

Sarah Johnson

Coca Cola 2017 Superbowl Commercial

1.The commercial uses different scenes from across America to somehow connect with all Americans. They want to appeal to all Americans not just city or country people. They use scenes from beaches, cities and the country to attract a large audience.

In almost every scene, there is some visual effect of Coca-Cola. At first it is subtle, but it begins to become obvious as the commercial goes on.

There is Coca-Cola cooler in the background of a scene where people are outside. A scene shows someone grabbing a Coke bottle out of a box to take outside with them. There is another scene where people sitting in a theater drinking out of Coke labeled cups.

At the end, the people shown throughout the scenes are shown happy, with others and obviously drinking Coke products.

2. Throughout the ad there is one song playing — America the Beautiful. Different parts of the song are sung in different languages like Mexican, English and Hebrew. These different languages are meant to show harmony among the American people and remind Americans that they are made up of multiple races.

The song transitions into the Coca-Cola hum at the end of the song. It is a way for people to hear the Coca-Cola brand and hopefully associate their brand with the harmony they hoped to show through the song.

3. This advertisement uses a slice of life format. They show people who are happy and together while they are drinking Coca-Cola.

4. Coca-Cola uses snapshots and languages from across America to create a feeling of unity and harmony around their brand.

5. The target audience is fairly large. I believe they are trying to target Americans who want to feel unity. They want to reach two types of Americans, those that are native to America and those that are from another country but have made America their home.

6. Benefits of the ad are fairly simple. If you drink Coca-Cola you will feel harmony with those that you love.

7. The call to action would probably be to buy a Coke so you can feel happy too.

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