This is a lovely short story and a neat glimpse into the other side of the mirror of AI.
Andy Havens

Thanks for the response! I’m going to kind of go on a rant about some of the things you brought up, because I like talking about my work (although this is not what I’d consider ‘my work,’ more like a scribbling of inspired loathing of main stream sci-fi that distracts me from real ‘my work.’)


Ugh. The show/not tell thing. Screw that. I really hate when people say that. And when people tell me to use ‘active voice.’ I love passive, okay? Older works use it just fine and it reads so much better to me. Why is showing better than telling? I don’t know. I don’t think it is. I like clarity in what I read/write. Crisp sentences that say what is going on. But yes, the telling is due to it being a ‘journal’ of an AI. It is a rumination/coherent monologue.

I wrote it this way because, honestly and frankly, I intended to talk about this specific line of thought. Anything else is just fluff and I didn’t care to write about it. First person (which I have only used once before) provided an easy way of describing this journey without having to get dirty into space and things to physically happen. AKA I’m lazy.

I still haven’t decided on gender. I don’t think it matters. I wish English had a gender neutral word that was not ‘it.’

As for Europa, it was an homage to 2001/2010, and Eu being the ‘reserved planet.’ Not much else asides from that, sorry to tell you that, haha. Though, I am beginning to write more on it, and when I finish it in the time known as probably never, the reasons (in world) may be more…coherent.

The resistance to the upgrade isn’t so much out of fear, but out of rejection for the idea. The android knows he/she is worthy of being a person. Making one little tweak or making a law saying that he/she is doesn’t change that. It is an insult. Like laws having to directly state that minorities, are, you know people. It is insulting to said people, because well, they were and saying it legally just means that you were a) bigoted and b) the law doesn’t match reality. So, the android, is basically deciding that he/she doesn’t want to be in a world where this insult of being exists. So he/she goes off.

Sorry if that came off a little flippant. This is unintentionally becoming a critique on societal perspectives and my issues with sci-fi and said perspectives.

Thanks again for the response!