On the subject of #AllLivesMatter vs #BlackLivesMatter
Phoebe Gavin

I really appreciate your ability to explain this well and with grace! Thank you for understanding that there are those white people out there with good hearts who simply have no clue, I blame lack of education in US public schools about current racism (seriously, why are we not talking about this?? oh, that’s right, we can’t even talk about our bodies and sex in public schools in some states, should we even call them schools if they don’t teach facts — I guess they’re teaching something), American segragation, white flight, having white parents who lack awareness of the issues enough to teach about them, etc…but thank you for 1. knowing these white people when you see them and 2. helping them when you spot them.

One day, you may help one of my family members, who are loving and good people for the most part, but so so lost on these issues. I apologize for their ignorance if you do and thank you for your loving guidance in advance!

I will be working on them as well!

As MLK says, “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

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