How to Feel Empowered in 5 Minutes

The light at the end of the tunnel? It’s closer than you think.

During uncertain and challenging times, it’s normal to point to the reasons for your discomfort or pain to factors outside of your control.

You might feel stuck if you want your work or life to be more fulfilling but you’re not sure what exactly you want to change — let alone how to make that change happen.

Sometimes we’re not as in tune as we would like to be with what we want, and so we look for guidance, examples, and sometimes, even someone to tell us what to do.

We think we want too much, that we want unattainable things, things that seem self-serving or unrealistic.

Often, it’s not that we don’t know what we want, it’s that we don’t want to make a decision and then regret it. Or, we assume we have fewer options that we actually have.

You see, when you convince yourself that you don’t know what to do (i.e, where to live, which job to take, how to develop a new skill), you disempower yourself. You tell yourself that you don’t need to take action or be brave because you’re not sure yet.

It’s easy to feel that you have no control over your own life.

Yes, there are many things that we can’t control right now. But when we take responsibility for the choices we can make, we are able to influence outcomes and change our circumstances for the better.

I promise you, there are things you do know with certainty that you may not even realize.

I have a trick that’ll help you go from feeling unsure about how to improve an area of your life to feeling empowered in just 5 minutes.

A great way to get clarity quickly on what you DO know is to write a list of whatever it is you know for sure regarding a specific area of your life. You can start more generally and then get more specific as you gain clarity.

Here is an example of a list you might write related to your work environment right now. As you keep writing, you might hone in on a small step:

  • I know for sure that I get lonely working from home.
  • I know for sure that I like to be around people.
  • I know for sure that I don’t want to work in a corporate office.
  • I know for sure that I want to be able to take a break from work to pick up my kids from school.
  • I know for sure that there are co-working spaces in my city.
  • I know for sure that I could test out a co-working space for a week before I commit to it.

Surprise! You know more than you thought you did.

It’s so much more empowering to get into a state of what you know for sure versus what you don’t know. Now, go give it a try and impress yourself.


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Author of book, “Remotivation: The Remote Worker’s Ultimate Guide to Life-Changing Fulfillment”. Learn more at

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Sarah Aviram

Sarah Aviram

Author of book, “Remotivation: The Remote Worker’s Ultimate Guide to Life-Changing Fulfillment”. Learn more at

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