Why Erykah Badu’s Opinion Is Dangerous
Dominique Matti

School is a place of learning. Kids should be learning there, so simple. Showing legs, skin, tits, a snap of your panties isn't learning. School is the context: not a mall, not a park, not a barbecue during summer. It's a school. People disrespect schools and what they should mean, which is basically acquiring knowledge, not a teenage dream "I just want to be myself!". You be yourself out there, in life, in the streets, living in the outer world. In school you have education and freedom as freedom has it's price there. Girls wearing short skirts in school usually are not interested in biology or physics. Women who won Pulitzers or Nobel prizes once were teenagers, and I'm almost completely sure they didn't care about showing their bodies in school to make them feel confident or happy. Years ago I wore short skirts, party dresses, weird pink hair, high heels. But in school, I had to learn to obey rules. People there are supposed to be equal, not half naked. This has nothing to do with patriarchy. It has to do with something long lost, which is respect for the school environment. Skimpy clothes do not make a woman strong or smart. Girls MUST pay attention on what they receive from their teachers, not from what they hear from stupid dumb hormone filled teenage boys. I love Erykah, I'm with her on this. She is wise, sometimes a little bit crazy , but she respects knowledge over anything else.