It’s about creating a lifestyle, not a business

When it comes to business, we are firm believers in adding heart to the hustle. It’s about creating a lifestyle, not a business.

If you can grab people’s enthusiasm to become part of something beyond themselves, then you’re well on the way to tapping into their desire to belong.

By bringing your personality and values into your business, you make it more relatable from the off. People buy into people, not faceless brands.

Extending what’s important and a part of you to your business, will speak to your customers. People need communities, it’s why we are all sharing our lives on social. The idea of having people who have the same shared interests as you in one place, makes life a little easier. And if the business is based around your value system, then the chances are you’re talking directly to people who share these values with you, which makes it easier for them to buy into your brand.

Extend your brand beyond your business. Speak to your customer’s hearts and you’re more than likely to appeal to their purses too. To connect with your customers, you need to think less about selling and more about the emotional benefits your business has to their lives. This is what takes you from business to brand.

For example, if you’re a business consultant — you don’t just bring analysis and strategy to your client. You create brand values, reputation and personality to your client — you give them a lifestyle — something that’s worth more than just sales and figures. This is what it means to bring emotion to business.

Social is the perfect way to let people know about your brand personality. Put yourself at the front of it, if you want to.

Be visible — you don’t have to do it Richard Branson style, but let your customer know who’s behind it all.

And the way to get people to know about your communities across platforms? Let them know! Feature the links to your Facebook page, Twitter handle, Pinterestpage and other social communities on:

  • In-store receipts
  • Shop fronts and walls inside your business location
  • Vehicles
  • Websites
  • Email communications
  • Any marketing assets, such as images and videos

When you build your communities, you empower your customers to share their opinions with you and feedback directly to your business. This is a very powerful marketing tool and something you can use to directly shape the way your brand moves in the future.

Add some heart to your hustle and bring yourself into the business and you’ll see what a difference that makes. Remember, it’s not often what you did for the customer that stays with them, it’s how you made them feel.

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