Why you should say YES to more things!

Have you ever found yourself saying no to things, but then really, not having much of a reason for it?

I’ve always found trying to do new things has opened up my life and also the way I saw things. It allowed me to meet new people, see new things and experience the world in a way I hadn’t before.

It also comes down to giving yourself more chances — the more you’re open to things, the more positive things will happen. You have to believe that the more faith you show in yourself and the world by saying yes, you aren’t preparing for failure — you’re preparing for success and fun.

Where does your time go?

Understanding how you spend your time currently, will allow you to see just what you’re saying yes and no to. It will allow you to focus on where your thoughts and actions currently go and if this is holding you back or not. It also makes you see which friends get the most time, or what activities and if you can be saying yes to other things to widen your remit of people you spend time with, or focus on activities that will open up your world even more.

You might have people, either friends or family, who can be quite close minded and put that same viewpoint on you. But don’t adopt their view, when they’re not living your life. Your two views cannot be the same — otherwise you’re not living your life for you.

Getting started

Make a list of three things you’re not overly satisfied with in your life at the moment, then make another list of three things you’ve always wanted to do. Visit a certain country, learn an instrument, or start that business. If you start to put them together, you’ve got a roadmap of things you should be saying yes to — a key to the life you actually want to lead. This is the beginning of starting to say yes — saying yes to the right things. Make a pact with a friend for you both to do it in 2016 — it’s not too late to have goals. It never is. Having a friend to do this with, makes it all the more exciting. You can have weekly check ins, to see how each of you are progressing and go on the journey with you!

It’s time to really start doing the things you want to do, in order to live the life that will make you ultimately happy.

Open your mind and you open your world. It really is that simple.

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