When I’m Feeling Inspired: Food Edition

I’ve already shared my love for cooking in previous posts. In this one I want to show proof of it with specific examples of the process that starts with tummy grumbles and ends with delicious creations on the plate.

A great friend of mine refers to her moments of genius inspirations to cook something new as “downloads.” Lots of times these downloads come during periods of fasting (naturally the mind wanders to food every so often when you are purposefully not eating!). My latest download involved Indian food. I love Indian food. And maybe it’s just everlasting love with curry or my crush on Raj from The Big Bang Theory (been watching a lot of it recently), but I felt moved to find recipes that would please my palate and my lifestyle choices (no gluten or dairy).

So a basic breakdown of how this works is:

  1. Receive the download from the Universe, which always wants you to eat tasty and healthy things.
  2. To the Cloud! This is when the research starts. Chances are Google will finish the sentence for you as you type (because I’m convinced Google uses sorcery to read our minds when we use the search bar).
  3. Gather all the necessary ingredients and gear.
  4. Create! The beauty of recipes is that you don’t have to follow them, you can modify according to your preference and how spirit moves you that day.
  5. Enjoy the process and take your time. I can tell the difference in my food when it’s hastily thrown together versus when it’s crafted with love.
  6. Honor yourself and the food you’re putting in your body by savoring each bite and consume with gratitude!
  7. Optional: take a picture so you can share with others!

In this case with the itch for Indian food that just had to be scratched, I found Minimalist Baker’s samosa potato cakes with green chutney. Everything else downloaded from there. Chicken coconut curry…yes. And homemade naan…hell yes. (I absolutely love naan, but don’t have it often because a great majority of the time it has wheat flour and/or buttermilk.)

I didn’t even use a recipe for the chicken — just cooked with a sauce that included a can of coconut milk, red curry paste and a bunch of seasonings. For the naan, I compiled a couple of recipes I found online and improvised. Some flour, eggs and coconut milk…cook them like you would pancakes and there ya go.

It took a while. I found out a quarter of the way through that each dish individually was relatively simple and did not take much time, but all together proved to be quite an undertaking. No matter. I took my time and had fun with it. I understand that some people don’t like cooking, but for me it’s a creative outlet and time I get to spend working on my relationship to food. I’m incredibly grateful to be in the midst of so much delicious abundance.

And to prove it happened…..

I’m always looking for new recipes and ideas so if you have any you’d like to share please comment below and send them my way!

And for more info on what I made:

Originally published at backtocomplete.com.