Project 3 — Character Info With Sound

Mary Grace Taylor, a junior at the University of Mississippi from Gulfport, Mississippi, holds water-damaged photographs of her childhood that were ruined when Hurricane Katrina tore down her house in 2005.
Taylor discloses that Harrison County, the county in which Gulfport is located, was severely damaged by the hurricane. Over 120 people were confirmed dead.
Mary Grace Taylor immediate family’s home was destroyed, along with the homes of her mother’s three siblings.
Taylor recalls that she was only nine years old when Hurricane Katrina hit. She mentions that her family allowed her to pack only one bag.
Taylor reveals that because she was so young, she had no idea the hurricane was so serious. Her parents acted like she and her younger sister were going on vacation. Little did she know, that was the last time she would see her childhood home standing.
The Taylor family spent four years living in Fairhope, Alabama after the disaster. Mary Grace says she lived with her sister, her mother, and six cousins all together in a four-bedroom house.
Taylor reveals that her father owns a construction company, therefore he was very busy after the hurricane. The entire time they were in Alabama, her father was in Gulfport trying to rebuild the damage done to their city.
Taylor says that being separated from her father was hard, but she knows it has made her a stronger person today.
Taylor keeps the photograph of herself and her nephew on her bedside table as a reminder of Katrina’s violence.
Currently, Taylor is a junior at the University of Mississippi, a place where her three older brothers went to school and her younger sister will be attending in the fall of 2017.
Taylor’s class schedule consists of Organic Chemistry, Genetics, Spanish, Psychology, and Anatomy and Physiology. She uses these classes as base knowledge before she goes to Physician’s Assistant school.
Taylor dreams of being a Physician’s Assistant because she wants to help people who were injured by natural disasters. Because she was so young when it happened, she did not know what was going on. Upon growing older and seeing the true damage Katrina caused, she is determined to use her knowledge for help.
Taylor aspires to go to University of Tennessee PA School in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Taylor mentions that PA school is a two-year program. She will be interning at the Memorial Hospital in Gulfport this upcoming summer. This hospital acted as a bright light after the hurricane for many victims and families, which is why Taylor wants to work there.
Twelve years later, Taylor’s family continues to live in Gulfport, Mississippi in the house her father rebuilt for them.