A Note on Trigger Warnings

I don’t personally believe in giving stories grades or ratings, but I realize and respect that people have a varying range of things they can stomach watching/reading. Because of this I’ll be posting trigger warnings for pieces about movies/books with a more extreme nature. However, this is a blog intended for adults, and as adults we are all responsible for informing ourselves about the media we consume. My extreme might not be your extreme. So if you’re easily offended or have a weak stomach, I encourage you to Google the movies/books I discuss further and see if they’re for you.

Trigger Warnings Key:

V — Extreme or Graphic Violence — A story that depicts extreme or graphic violence (duh).

G — Gross — A story that, while not excessively violent, shows extreme or graphic depictions of bodily fluids and/or other things that may tickle the gag reflex.

R — Rape — A story that depicts rape.