China Largest Molten Salt Factory

China largest molten salt factory with fully automatic intelligent production lines and their own intellectual property rights, has been finished the first stage of construction in August,2017, the current capacity has reached 100 thousand tons/year already, it is still enlarging, and the final capacity will reach 1 million tons/year.This production line is called QingHai Enesoon New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., which belongs to Enesoon Holding Limited.

This molten salt manufacturing base will be the largest molten salt production base in the world, which locates in Delingha City in Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau of China, where there are rich solar salt materials and all kinds of nitrates, ensuring the lower cost, higher quality, and prompt delivery time, comparing with other competitors of domestic and outside of China. It has established a solid foundation for Enesoon whole global energy storage system supplying chains.

With strong R&D team, and more than 10 years of research in molten salt, CSP and renewable energy sectors, they have mastered a lot of new fomulation technologies for binary and ternary molten salt, multiple component molten salt and high efficiency special molten salt. Now they have grown to an enterprise who can also provide CSP EPC services and solar thermal energy storage solutions, with strong experienced technical team led by Mr Zhiyong Zeng(CTO of Enesoon), now Enesoon have constructed their own CSP tower in Suqian, Jiangsu Province. This is Enesoon first CSP tower, the second one in Wuhua City has also started construction in August,2017.

Enesoon core technology is molten salt formulation and energy storage solutions.This is one of their clean energy solutions for one city with high cost-effective solution:

Last year Enesoon were selected to Ecopartnerships’ member as the only and first CSP member from China.

What is molten salt? Molten salt is salt which is solid at standard temperature and pressure (STP) but enters the liquid phase due to elevated temperature. A salt that is normally liquid even at STP is usually called a room temperature ionic liquid, although technically molten salts are a class of ionic liquids.

Applications: It is widely used as heat carrier in petroleum refinery, bitumen, CSP plant thermal storage, textile, lubricant, polyester industries, food preservative and other heat treatment in chemical industries.

Written by Sarah Fu (Customer Manager from Enesoon Science & Technology Co., Ltd. - Enesoon Headquarters)