The New OrangeFactor

Despite a slow two weeks due to the holidays, I’ve been hacking away on the new OrangeFactor — now called Intermittents View. Breaking down a new project into manageable chunks can be a bit overwhelming at first, so I asked a mentor for advice on how best to approach this task. He suggested starting on the UI — using fake data for now — and turning my attention to the backend once that’s up and running. I’ve found the fake json ( server incredibly useful, as it’s allowed me to run a server and make “fake” REST API calls to it.

Once I set up the json server, I started with fleshing out the basic layout — top nav, a date-picker, a line graph, table controls and a responsive table. The fake API is called in the parent component’s componentDidMount lifecycle and the data it returns will be used to populate the table. Once I got that up and running — along with the various presentational components — I started integrating Redux to handle the data flow. Dan Abramov has created a really in-depth video on Redux (on that’s been pretty helpful, but there’s no replacement to learning a framework or tool by taking a stab at it and troubleshooting when you get errors. Since I’ve gotten the table populated using Redux, I’ll focus on additional table functionality before moving on to the line graph.

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