To Ireland and Beyond

Here we are folks. Two weeks away from my big adventure.

I decided I would keep this blog for those of you who are interested in keeping up with whatever I am doing while in Europe. I’m not a super talented writer, or photographer, but I was told by some friends that some people might care to read about what I’m doing. So here’s the place to do that!

My first post will be an outline of my trip, so you can rest easy knowing where I am:

I am leaving the country on May 30th. I will be flying to Venice first to visit some of my friends who are studying abroad there. I’ll be in Paderno Del Grappa for 4 days!

From there I will fly to Dublin, Ireland on June 3rd and taking a train to Cork, my final destination. I will be studying International Conflict Management at University College Cork for 5 weeks.

A part of my program is a few field trips as a group to Rock of Cashel, Cahir Castle and Cohb.

I will mostly stay in Ireland for the 5 weeks I am studying, hopefully taking day trips to other cities and cites. I also hope to visit a friend in Edinburgh, Scotland, but that is still to be determined.

So thats it so far! I will try to keep this updated as much as possible, keeping you in the loop about travels, experiences, challenges, and joys.

I will of course be in touch and reachable through email, my cell phone, and Facebook. Don’t hesitate to reach out and send good thoughts if you’re feeling compelled!

If praying is something you do, please pray for safe travels, provision of community, and continued trust in the Lord.

xoxo, Sarah

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