Mission Impossible — Rogue Nation review

For a franchise that has been going for nearly twenty years and still managing to shock us with even more insane stunts each time, The Mission Impossible films must be getting something right. In the latest outing it is Christopher McQuarrie taking the director’s seat and the usual clan are back together again led by Cruise and his action-packed, death-defying ventures.
This time around Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and the team including William Brandt (Jeremy Renner) — who came on board in the last film-, Luther Stickell (Ving Rames) and of course our favourite nerdy tech Benji (Simon Pegg), learns there is an anti-IMF group called ‘The Syndicate’. This highly skilled organisation is trained to do what they do, and they just so happen to want to hunt them down and kill every one of them. Separated from the rest and suddenly finding himself on the run, Ethan must use the help of his fellow agents and do what he does best to infiltrate ‘The Syndicate’ and bring them to justice before they all get assassinated. Along the way he is met with unexpected help from a beautiful, mysterious woman named Ilsa Faust who claims she knows how to bring said group down and so the thrilling adventures ensue through a series of exhilarating car and bike chases, fight sequences and explosive action of every kind.
McQuarrie’s film is well-engineered and brilliantly executed from start to finish with solid action sequences. Tom Cruise is on top form once again as Hunt; charming, charismatic and fascinating to watch he delivers a strong performance. His latest ridiculous stunt involves him hanging off the side of a flying plane — the man has no limits! Renner is great again as Brandt but unfortunately doesn’t get anywhere near enough screen time let alone time in the field as it were. Pegg is brilliant as Benji, providing all the comical laughs but also getting to show his emotional, more sincere side this time which is interesting. However it is newcomer Rebecca Ferguson as the enigmatic Ilsa Faust who really shines here. Ferguson is the brains and the beauty and she often steals the scene away from Crusie (which is no easy feat!). For her first major role in such a big blockbuster film she holds her own well and will be a talent to watch out for in years to come.
All in all, this latest edition to the franchise is fun, enthralling and entertaining but by no means perfect. Unfortunately the ending is rather disappointing and anti-climactic and feels very rushed. After over two-thirds of pretty non-stop action and adventure we are geared up for the traditional ending reminiscent of the other films but instead what we get is a dull closing of a very invigorating film. We feel somewhat cheated. However it is hard to overly criticise an otherwise concrete film for this slip up and as far as the summer competition goes so far, this is definitely one of the more refreshing and all-round enjoyable movies that will surely get better with repeated viewings.
4/5 stars

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